Affinity Health at Work


Consultancy: Creating a healthy organisational culture

Client: large accountancy firm

Project aim: To build a healthy workplace culture and facilitate team-working

What we did:

Affinity Health at Work supported a department within a large accountancy firm to create a healthier workplace culture and improve team-working through a series of steps:

1. Culture survey: we conducted a culture survey to explore employee perceptions of the climate within the department, including comparisons between different locations and employee groupings.

2. Qualitative data gathering: we used focus groups and interviews to gain a deeper understanding of cultural issues and potential solutions to problems identified.

3. Reporting: we produced a report with recommendations on how to address issues highlighted from the data gathering.

4. Meeting facilitation: we facilitated meetings with the Partners from the department to generate action plans and the identify the way forward.

5. Team building: we facilitated a series of team-development days and exercises for a team within the department, addressing specific local issues, action planning and following through on implementation.


* Inclusive approach: by gathering employee views through both a survey and focus groups/interviews, the project involved everyone within the team and helped create a more inclusive approach.

* Creating action plans: the project generated specific action plans to help the deparment make changes to its culture.

* Team working: focussed team development activities helped improve team working.

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