Affinity Health at Work


Consultancy: Enhancing employee engagement

Client: Unit within Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (now Department for Business Innovation and Skills)

Project aim: To tackle declining rates of employee engagement for a unit within a central Government department

What we did:

This project involved a four stage process:

1. Initial preparation: we started by familiarising ourselves with the particular department, the work they had done so far on employee engagement, existing materials and employee engagement survey data.

2. Data gathering: next we talked to staff to understand their views on both problems and solutions. As the issue was of a lack of engagement, all staff were involved either in focus groups or in one to one interviews.

3. Reporting: based on the information we had gathered in the first two stages, we produced a written report with findings and recommendation

4. Supporting implementation of recommendations: finall, we attended and facilitated various events with both senior management and staff to disseminate the findings and support the development of action plans


* Engagement in the process: Because the project involved engaging staff in the process itself, it was a way of building employee engagement in and of itself.

* Solutions driven and owned by employees: Both the initial suggestion of solutions through focus groups and interviews and the design of action plans came from the employees: when employees drive and own solutions, they are much more likely to implement them.

* Team working: By bringing members of the unit together for focus groups and action planning events, the project helped facilitate team working.

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