Affinity Health at Work


Consultancy: Health and wellbeing strategy review and development

Client: National Grid

Project aim: To review National Grid’s health and wellbeing activities in order to support the refinement of the company’s health and wellbeing strategy for the coming four years

What we did:

The project had three strands:

1. Review of data – We explored all the data available within National Grid that was relevant to employee health, wellbeing and performance in order to understand where it was held, how it was collected and its quality. We also used data analysis to explore links between employee health and wellbeing on the one hand and performance on the other.

2. Review of programmes – Using interviews with employees and managers, we reviewed National Grid health and wellbeing activities within two parts of the business in the UK. We looked at both the process (facilitators and barriers) and outcomes (impact) of the programmes to identify links between what is being done to improve employee wellbeing and changes at the local business level.

3. Strategic direction and benchmarking – We brought together the information from the first two strands, plus external benchmarking in order to support National Grid with reviewing and refining its health and wellbeing strategy in order to define its strategy for the future.


* Business case – Using National Grid’s own data, we established links between sickness absence and performance and between body mass index and sickness absence, helping create a business case for health and wellbeing activities.

* Data quality improvements – Having reviewed all the data currently available within National Grid, we could give specific recommendations on changes that could be made to make the data more useful in the future.

* Scorecard – With a full perspective on National Grid data, we were able to support the health and wellbeing team to develop a scorecard for use within the business to raise awareness and enhance measurement of health and wellbeing challenges and issues.

* Programme improvements – Our review of programmes and the information we gathered provided specific feedback on how to improve health and wellbeing activities, enhance facilitators and overcome barriers.

* Record-keeping – Our work highlighted the need for National Grid to maintain clearer records of their health and wellbeing activities and of benchmarking information, so we developed methodologies to support this.

* Strategy – with our support, National Grid health and wellbeing team developed a new 5-year strategy, which has been accepted by the business and is now being implemented.

Client perspective:

Affinity Health at Work provided an excellent balance between analytical evaluation of our data; consultancy advice in formulating a strategic direction, and project management, delivering the project on time and to agreed costs. The Affinity team engaged successfully at all levels throughout the organisation to collect, collate and statistically analyse quantitative and qualitative data and then worked with the internal team to draw conclusions and construct the framework for the future 5 year strategic programme. On this project Affinity provided expertise in statistical analysis, wellbeing, facilitation, project management and strategic thinking and I would have no hesitation in reusing their skill for future reviews or similar projects.              

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