Maturity assessment

Conducting a Maturity Assessment

Having the right health and wellbeing provisions in place can reduce absence, help you attract and retain the best talent, and improve performance. Knowing how best to protect, promote and support the employee mental health and wellbeing of your workforce is complex, particularly if compliance and benchmarking is one of your goals. Knowing where to invest time and money is challenging.

Affinity's Maturity Assessment will:

  • provide an in-depth mapping of your current activities against established mental health and wellbeing priorities
  • identify your current strengths and development areas in provision to manage and support employee mental health and wellbeing
  • make recommendations to strengthen provision drawing on research evidence, practitioner experience of what is known to work in other organisations, organisational data and employee consultation
  • help you optimise resources and deliver return on investment on your wellbeing spend
  • enable you to take a staged approach, prioritise action and develop an integrated plan to improve employee health and wellbeing.

How it works:

We combine a broad range of data collection activities to ensure we draw on the best available evidence:

Stage 1: Review of policies, documentation and organisational data

Stage 2: Interviews with key stakeholders

Stage 3: Focus groups with employees with representation from across the organisation

Stage 4: Gap analysis and mapping against frameworks

Stage 5: Developing recommendations and reporting

Stage 6: Action planning

The scale of data gathering and timeframes vary dependent on client need and budget. Typically, Working Well Maturity Assessments take between 3-4 months from contracting to reporting.

Find out more about how the Maturity Assessment was developed through a collaborative, multi-staged approach with our Research Consortium.

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