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Developing Positive Leadership For Employee Wellbeing And Engagement: How Leadership Behaviours Impact Organisational Safety And Wellbeing (JPEG, 38 Kb, 300x431)

'Developing Positive Leadership for Employee Well‐Being and Engagement' is a chapter in the book 'Leading to Occupational Health and Safety: How Leadership Behaviours Impact Organizational Safety and Well-Being', focusing on how leaders can promote wellbeing in their organisations and the positive...

Wiley-Blackwell Handbook Of The Psychology Of Leadership, Change & Organisational Development (PNG, 150 Kb, 362x564)

Leadership and change are complex, with many different approaches and theories. Co-edited by Rachel Lewis, Managing Partner at Affinity Health at Work, this book shares key research and practical guidance on the psychology of leadership, change and OD.

Preventing Stress In Organisation: How To Develop Positive Manager Behaviour (PNG, 210 Kb, 370x554)

Preventing Stress in Organizations: How to Develop Positive Managers was awarded the British Psychological Society Book Award and offers an innovative, evidence-based approach to help managers prevent and reduce workplace stress in their staff. It provides information on the critical skills managers...

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