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Managing Minds at Work: Development of a Digital Line Manager Training Program (PNG, 496 Kb, 1130x1604)

Mental ill-health is the leading cause of sickness absence, creating a high economic burden. Workplace interventions aimed at supporting employers in the prevention of mental ill-health in the workforce are urgently required. Managing Minds at Work is a digital intervention aimed at supporting line managers...

Preventing Stress: Promoting Positive Manager Behaviour Phase 4: How Do Organisations Implement The Findings In Practice? (PDF, 498 Kb)

Our research highlights the pivotal role that line managers play in workplace stress management. For employers to reduce and manage workplace stress effectively they need to ensure that managers demonstrate the skills and behaviours that allow them to manage their staff in ways that minimise work-related...

Using A Competency-Based Approach To Identify The Management Behaviours Required To Manage Workplace Stress In Nursing: A Critical Incident Study (PDF, 139 Kb)

Workplace stress is a significant problem in healthcare, especially within nursing. While there is a reasonable consensus regarding the sources of stress and its impact on health and well-being, little is known about the specific line manager behaviours that are associated with the effective and ineffective...

Line Management Competence: The Key To Preventing And Reducing Stress At Work (PDF, 93 Kb)

Work-related stress is a major concern for employers, and the UK Health and Safety Executive has introduced Management Standards for employers to support them in managing stress in the workplace. Managers have a key role to play in minimizing stress-related risks for their staff. Management behaviour...

Management Competencies For Preventing And Reducing Stress At Work: Identifying And Developing The Management Behaviours Necessary To Implement The HSE Management Standards (PDF, 1.2 Mb)

This report presents the findings of the second phase of a research project to identify the specific management behaviours associated with the effective management of stress at work. This phase aimed to: examine the usability of the 'Management competencies for preventing and reducing stress at work'...

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