Psychosocial assessment

Psychosocial assessment

Working with PHI Aviation to start their journey to support employee mental health and wellbeing

The Client

PHI Aviation are safety and aviation experts, working in helicopter aviation from mission critical marine pilot transfers to complex search and rescue operations.


  • Although a leader in health and safety, PHI Aviation identified the need for development in terms of employee mental health and wellbeing provision – but were unclear where to start
  • The launch of ISO 45003 presented an opportunity for PHI Aviation to become leaders in supporting psychosocial health by improving their offering


  • Psychosocial assessment using multiple data sources
  • Synthesis of data into a gap analysis against ISO45003 and a Psychosocial Health IGLOO –demonstrating where PHI Aviation have strengths and gaps at each level of their business
  • Clear, realistic and multi-level recommendations

Psychosocial Health Assessment (8 days)

  • Stage 1: Project kick-off between PHI Aviation, Affinity and International SOS, for whom Affinity are their delivery partner in workplace health and wellbeing
  • Stage 2: Review of organisational policies, practices and processes by Affinity/International SOS
  • Stage 3: Six interviews with key stakeholders by Affinity/International SOS
  • Stage 4: Two focus groups with employee groups by Affinity/International SOS
  • Stage 5: Delivery of report and recommendations
  • Stage 6: Presentation of findings and recommendations by Affinity/International SOS to CEO of PHI Aviation


  • PHI Aviation has described the solution created as impressive, comprehensive and 'just what they needed'.
  • PHI Aviation have committed to ongoing support from International SOS to develop and implement the recommendations provided. Further product delivery is in discussion.

You have provided us with a comprehensive overview of the gaps, findings and recommendation. It has been great working with you to get this work started and I am very much looking forward to discussing and implementing next steps