We work with clients to embed health and wellbeing practices. These activities include monitoring and reviewing activities; supporting and developing internal staff such as champions, committee members and practitioners; and offering ongoing coaching and advisory support delivered by one of our team of expert practitioners.


We have supported many professionals tasked with developing and implementing a wellbeing strategy in their organization. Offered to stakeholders and health and wellbeing professionals working within your organisation, our advisory work aims to support professionals in their role through providing an independent, expert advice, support and advocacy.

Advisory support tends to work by working with individuals through specific tasks (such as designing an employee wellbeing strategy or gaining senior manager buy-in). We have found this is most effective when offered as a package in order that key challenges and decisions can be worked upon over time.

Monitoring and reviewing

A successful health and wellbeing programme needs to have consistent monitoring and review to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and is continually improving within a dynamic organisational environment. It is often challenging for organisations to know what and how to measure and monitor wellbeing.

We combine organisational research and action planning workshops to develop a strategy and focus on commitment to action, accountability, timings and the monitoring process. We provide a plan, setting out a vision for continually improving health and wellbeing and offer on-going support to ensure that the system remains fit for purpose.

Developing and supporting wellbeing practitioners, champions and committees

Those responsible for supporting the health and wellbeing of others, often need of additional support themselves. We provide tailored support for organisational stakeholders, as wellbeing champions or first aiders, and people in roles dealing with the emotional needs and challenges of clients and customers, enabling them to continue to thrive and develop.

Our team of skilled and qualified psychologists with can support through monthly coaching sessions, facilitated action learning sets or group counselling and supervision sessions. The deliverable will be evaluated on a quarterly basis to ensure it is meeting the needs of the employee group.

Embed FAQ

Where do I start with monitoring health and wellbeing?

The best way to start is to assess what data you already gather and how, before discussing what else might be needed. There is no one right way to measure and monitor wellbeing but we will work with you in partnership to design, deliver and implement the best monitoring strategy for your organisation, whilst gaining buy-in from all relevant stakeholders.

How do I ensure that we continue to improve?

To be able to assess if you are improving, there needs to be a measurement and monitoring strategy for your wellbeing approach. There is no one way to measure wellbeing and the range of metrics, and the balance of informal and formal feedback will differ according to each organisational context and need. We will work with you in partnership to design, deliver and implement the best monitoring strategy for you to enable you to consistently improve.

Why do we need to support those responsible for maintaining health and wellbeing of our employees and clients with anything additionally?

For the stakeholders in your organisation, responsibility for psychological health and wellbeing may be a relatively new job role. We find this particularly where those skilled in health and safety (focused on physical health and safety) have their roles expanded to include psychological health and safety. We can provide a low-cost solution to ensure that they develop the skills and get the advice and support that they need to grow into this new role.

Mental health first aiders, mental health champions, and those in roles responsible for dealing with emotionally challenging content from customers and clients may experience vicarious trauma and exhaustion from dealing with distressed individuals and situations and this can lead to mental ill health and burnout for these workers. We are skilled, trained and registered, to be able to provide this emotional support and supervision to enable your staff to continue to thrive whilst supporting others.