Our commitments

We are committed to improving working lives

As a team we thought hard about our own values and what inspires us in others. We strive to deliver world class consultancy, development, research and insights. We do this by making the following commitments.

Sharing knowledge and developing practice

We are committed to sharing knowledge and improving wider practice in health and wellbeing at work. We do this by contributing to academic research, supporting the development of many national and global guidelines, working with professional bodies, our Research Consortium and our community. Our Directors lead the sole UK Professional Doctorate in Occupational Psychology at the Birkbeck, University of London, building the next generation of evidence-based practitioners. Together with our consultancy partners and wellbeing community, we gain mutual benefit from the rich expertise and cutting-edge experience that our commitment to knowledge brings.

Preventing risks, and developing and supporting people at work

We hold a commitment to prevent mental ill-health wherever possible and bring deep experience of embedding interventions at all stages of the wellbeing continuum, from a focus on risk prevention; to developing skills and behaviours; to crisis support and sustainable return-to-work following absence. Evidence shows how fundamental factors such as good job design and line manager competence are essential and as such they provide a foundation to our work.

Developing a shared understanding

There are multiple key stakeholders at the heart of any health and wellbeing project. These include the senior leadership team, business unit leads, professionals working in HR and other people professionals, diversity and inclusion, occupational health and medicine, health and safety professionals, unions and all employees. Our team is committed to bringing together complex and divergent approaches and opinions to develop solutions that work for your organisation.

Integrating inclusion, diversity and equity

Inclusion, health and wellbeing go hand in hand. Research shows that health and wellbeing is enhanced when people feel that they belong, that they are listened to and when they are accepted for being themselves. Yet we also know that there are many disparities in health and in the experience of work. We believe that everyone has the right to productive and fulfilling work, and work to uncover and tackle head on unequal opportunities and practices.

Adopting a ‘whole system approach’

Our health and wellbeing, and the way we experience work, is impacted by numerous aspects of our work and personal lives. This is why we believe that everyone has a role to play in creating opportunities for healthy and productive work. We join up people, processes, and systems so that our solutions consider the full range of factors that influence the way we behave and the way we feel about our work and health. Thereby creating lasting change.