Our awards

British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology, Practitioner of the Year

We were awarded this prestigious national award for our "Developing managers to manage sustainable employee engagement, health and wellbeing" project. This gathered evidence from a range of sources to understand how organisations can best foster positive manager behaviour. It looked at what organisations need to do to: a) provide effective management development programmes, b) support managers to transfer their learning into their day-to-day management approach and c) create an organisational context that supports this way of managing people, with the aim of achieving high levels of employee engagement, health and wellbeing.

Innovation, Research and Education Winner: Thriving at Work by Affinity Health at Work

We were pleased to be awarded for our research conducted in partnership with the University of Sheffield on developing the IGLOO approach to return to work. This research identified the resources at the individual, group, line manager and organisational level necessary to support a successful and sustainable return to work.

To learn more about this research read our research report.

Or watch this short introduction to the research and the implications for practice.