Building for wellbeing

Building design for wellbeing

Working with Loughborough University to evaluate the health and wellbeing benefits of a purpose built office in Stratford Olympic Park

The client

Partnering with Loughborough University to measure the impact of a major financial services organisation to a new purpose-built office


  • The organisation were in the build phase of a new purpose-built office. The building was designed with wellbeing in mind – it aimed to improve social connection, collaboration and movement.
  • The client wanted to understand how they could measure the impact of the move and, as they transitioned into the new building, whether there was need for any further interventions to optimize the benefits to staff.


  • 16 month organizational research programme taking a broad range of pre- and post- move metrics including:
  • Observational assessment – layout, staircases, desks, zoning, facilities
  • Organisation-wide survey – including measures of physical work space, management and team working, productivity, physical and mental health
  • Health assessments for a sub-group of employees – including psychosocial measures, BMI and bloodpressure
  • A small group of participants wore an accelerometer – which tracked sitting, standing and walking time over seven days (pre and post)
  • Findings were presented in a full report sharing insights into the changes in behaviour and perceptions of the office, work and health. Recommendations for further activities to fully optimise the benefits of the new workspace were provided


  • The recommendations provided a platform for a range of behaviour change interventions.
  • An academic paper was produced to share learnings.
  • The pandemic hit and work from home orders led to a pause but we are now exploring collaborations on supporting return to the office and hybrid working activities.

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