ISO 45003 Gap analysis

ISO 45003 Gap analysis

Examining psychosocial health and safety provision at Boral against the ISO 45003

The Client

Boral is Australia's largest construction materials and building products supplier, developing and delivering supplies for the building and maintenance of local roads, highways, buildings and parkways across Australian territories.


  • Boral have long had health and safety as key priorities for their organization
  • The launch of ISO 45003 presented an opportunity for Boral to assess their provision in terms of providing a psychologically healthy workplace for their employees and identify how they could build their health and safety offering to include psychosocial considerations


  • Psychosocial assessment using multiple data sources
  • Synthesis of data into an analysis of psychosocial hazards and a gap analysis against ISO45003
  • Clear, realistic and multi-level recommendations

Phase 1: Psychosocial Assessment (8 days)

  • Stage 1: Project kick-off between Boral, affinity, and International SOS for whom affinity are their delivery partner on workplace health and wellbeing.
  • Stage 2: Review of organizational policies, practices and processes by affinity/International SOS
  • Stage 3: Six interviews with key stakeholders by affinity/International SOS
  • Stage 4: Four online focus groups with employee groups by affinity/International SOS
  • Stage 5: Delivery of interim report
  • Stage 6: Presentation of interim findings and recommendations by affinity/International SOS to CEO and Board of Boral


  • Boral are currently engaging with senior management for the next stage of the project which is to develop a health and wellbeing survey to provide a benchmark and a platform for ongoing monitoring of health and wellbeing across the organization.

The presentation (to the Board) was great, and thank you for all your good work on this.

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