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Management Competencies for Health and Wellbeing

A growing body of research demonstrates the impact of management behavior on a range of individual and organizational health and wellbeing outcomes; however, efforts to train and develop managers often fall short. This chapter focuses on research to identify competencies–or the collection of skills,...

Working With Long Covid: Research Evidence To Inform Support (PDF, 319 Kb)

An estimated 1.3 million people (1.9% of the population) were experiencing self-reported long COVID as at October 2021. The prevalence and impact of long COVID is emerging as a significant concern and needs ongoing attention from people professionals.
In order to provide timely and appropriate support...

Managing And Supporting Employees With Long-Term Health Conditions: Guide For People Professionals (PDF, 713 Kb)

Over 15 million people live with a long-term health condition in the UK1 and in 2019/20, there were 32.5 million estimated working days lost due to work-related ill health2. Having good management practices gives employee the best chance of staying in work and fulfilling their potential.

This guide introduces...

Protocol For A Feasibility Randomised Controlled Study Of A Multicomponent Intervention To Promote A Sustainable Return-To-Work Of Workers On Long Term Sick Leave (PDF, 991 Kb)

The cost of sickness absence has major social, psychological, and financial implications for individuals and organisations. Return-to-work (RTW) interventions that support good quality communication and contact with the workplace can reduce the length of sickness absence by between 15 to 30 days. However,...

Interpersonal Mindfulness In Leadership Development: A Delphi Study (PDF, 205 Kb)

Mindfulness is increasingly being used within leadership development to enhance managers' wellbeing and leadership capability. Given the relational nature of leadership, we posit that an interpersonal form of mindfulness has the potential to offer benefits over and above those provided by personal or...

Evaluation Of A Natural Workspace Intervention With Active Design Features On Movement, Interaction And Health (PNG, 347 Kb, 794x1123)

There is increasing focus on designing workspaces that promote less sitting, more movement and interaction to improve physical and mental health. This study evaluates a natural intervention of a new workplace with active design features and its relocation to a greener and open space.
An ecological model...

Iosh Webinar: Learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic (PNG, 405 Kb, 790x882)

Learning from the Covid-19 pandemic – approaches to support employee health and wellbeing

Covid-19: Are Reports Of Its Demise Greatly Exaggerated? (PNG, 384 Kb, 793x884)

Covid-19: are reports of its demise greatly exaggerated?

What If Your Job Was Good For You? A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Make Work Better (PDF, 6.4 Mb)

Business in the Community's (BITC) What If Your Job Was Good For You? report identifies actions employers can take to transform wellbeing at work. The report sets out how business leaders can create an environment in which employees feel supported to do their best work. It also outlines how to achieve...

Managing A Return To Work Following Long Term Sickness Absence: Guide For People Professionals (PDF, 263 Kb)

Research shows that employees are more likely to return to work safely and productively following long-term sickness absence if they are well supported during their absence and on their return.

The key considerations for managing an effective return, including for those suffering from long COVID, are...

Covid-19 Return To Work Guide: For Managers (PDF, 1.6 Mb)

Working with a multi-disciplinary team, Affinity Health at Work contributed to this guide for the Society of Medicine to support people to return to work following Covid-19 infection

Impact Of Covid-19 On The L&D Profession: Perspectives From Independent Learning Practitioners. (PDF, 783 Kb)

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the way we learn. Learning and development practitioners have been challenged to step outside of their comfort zone, be curious and embrace new ways of delivering learning with high impact for the digital age. This longitudinal focus group study investigated...

Measuring self-confidence in workplace settings: A conceptual and methodological review of measures of self-confidence, self-efficacy and self-esteem

Coaching is often used to improve self-confidence however little is known about how self-confidence is measured. For practitioners looking to evaluate their work, being able to measure self-confidence is key. This systematic review presents findings from a conceptual and methodological review of measures...

The development of the Embodied, Dynamic and Inclusive (EDI) model of self-confidence; a conceptual model for use in executive coaching

This paper offers a model of self-confidence for use in executive coaching. Self-confidence is an important coaching topic, yet our understanding of what it is and how it can be developed is limited to narrower concepts of self-efficacy and self-esteem. Current approaches are static and focus on personal...

Transitioning Out Of Lockdown And The Impact On Your Work (PNG, 219 Kb, 794x1123)

Drawing on research and practice, Affinity Health at Work contributed to this toolkit for Mental Health at Work. We share tips and strategies to support individuals struggling with the transition out of lockdown.

Returning To The Workplace After The Covid-19 Lockdown - Toolkit (PDF, 668 Kb)

Drawing on research and practice, Affinity Health at Work contributed to this guide from the Society of Occupational Medicine. This guide shares recommendations for returning to the workplace after lockdown

The Psychological Implications Of Remote Rotational Work (PNG, 621 Kb, 1104x1430)

Whether on or offshore, the work and lifestyle of a remote rotational worker is unique. While lucrative for some, it has long been associated with a high impact on mental health and wellbeing. To reveal the true extent of this, the International SOS Foundation commissioned a ground-breaking global study...

Learnings From The Covid-19 Pandemic: Approaches To Support Employee Health And Wellbeing (PDF, 769 Kb)

This research was conducted by Affinity Health at Work, co-sponsored by IOSH via its Research Consortium, to explore the impact the COVID-19 pandemic on employee's health and wellbeing and what can be learned from it.
Researchers conducted interviews and held focus groups with employees, managers and...

Sustainable Return To Work In Mental Health Issues; What Works For Whom? (PNG, 476 Kb, 794x846)

Sustainable return to work in mental health issues; what works for whom?

Work Adjustments For Mental Health Work Adjustments: A Review Of The Evidence And Guidance for Acas (PNG, 381 Kb, 794x1123)

This review examines the evidence and guidance available to inform practices around work adjustments for mental health at work.
It is important that employees experiencing mental ill-health are able to access the support they need to return to work following sickness absence, stay in work and continue...

Job Crafting As A Work Adjustment Strategy For Workers Returning After Long-Term Sickness Absence Due To Common Mental Disorders (PDF, 383 Kb)

The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine the way workers with common mental disorders use job crafting to adjust their work to their levels of functioning after returning from long-term sick leave. Thirty-eight workers who had returned within the last 24-months from sickness absence due to...

Navigating the Return-to-Work Experience for New Parents Maintaining Work-Family Well-Being

Parenthood can be one of the most fulfilling, altering, and challenging life events. This book is set within the background of the reality of many parents' return-to-work experience, the task of re-engaging with work and maintaining a job or a career, and the difficulties that parenthood poses for balancing...

Igloo Guide For Returning To Work Following Mental Ill-Health: Guide For Managers (PDF, 626 Kb)

This guide has been developed for managers to support employees to return to and stay in work following absence due to mental ill-health drawing on research conducted with the University of Sheffield.

Igloo Guide For Returning To Work Following Mental Ill-Health: Guide For Returning Individuals (PDF, 625 Kb)

This guide has been developed for individuals who are returning to work to support them in returning to and stayin in work following absence due to mental ill-health drawing on research conducted with the University of Sheffield.

Igloo Guide For Returning To Work Following Mental Ill-Health: Guide For HR Professionals (PDF, 628 Kb)

This guide has been developed for HR professionals to support employees to return to and stay in work following absence due to mental ill-health drawing on research conducted with the University of Sheffield.

Igloo Guide For Returning To Work Following Mental Ill-Health: Guide For Colleagues (PDF, 626 Kb)

This guide has been developed for colleagues to help them support an employee to return to and stay in work following absence due to mental ill-health drawing on research conducted with the University of Sheffield.

Keeping Business Travellers Healthy, Happy And Engaged At Home And Away (PNG, 768 Kb, 1654x2339)

Despite international business travel being seen as essential for global business and indeed advantageous in term of career progression for employees; there is evidence that international business travel can be deleterious to health. The study not only uncovers the psychological implications of business...

Lessons For Leadership And Culture When Doctors Become Second Victims: A Systematic Literature Review (PDF, 460 Kb)

This review set out to understand what leaders and organisational cultures can learn about supporting doctors who experience second victim phenomenon; the types, levels and availability of support offered; and the psychological symptoms experienced. A systematic review of keywords 'Medical Error' [MeSH],...

Thriving at Work: The resources required to support employees returning to work following mental ill-health absence (PDF, 1.1 Mb)

Sustainable return to work (SRTW) for workers with common mental disorders (CMDs) presents a major societal challenge in terms of scale and costs. Approximately 15% of the working population suffer from CMDs such as depression, anxiety and adjustment disorders (OECD, 2014) and for 50% their experience...

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