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Interpersonal Mindfulness In Leadership Development: A Delphi Study (PDF, 205 Kb)

Mindfulness is increasingly being used within leadership development to enhance managers' wellbeing and leadership capability. Given the relational nature of leadership, we posit that an interpersonal form of mindfulness has the potential to offer benefits over and above those provided by personal or...

Navigating the Return-to-Work Experience for New Parents Maintaining Work-Family Well-Being

Parenthood can be one of the most fulfilling, altering, and challenging life events. This book is set within the background of the reality of many parents' return-to-work experience, the task of re-engaging with work and maintaining a job or a career, and the difficulties that parenthood poses for balancing...

What Outcomes Have Mindfulness And Meditation Interventions For Managers And Leaders Achieved? (PDF, 1.5 Mb)

No systematic review had previously been conducted examining the benefits mindfulness or meditation interventions for leaders and managers. However, the literature suggested that such interventions would have a positive impact on leaders' own well-being, their leadership capability, their 'post-conventional'...

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