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Supporting employees with non-pay offers through the cost-of-living crisis (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

The 'cost-of-living crisis', defined as the fall in 'real' disposable income that the UK has been experiencing since late 2021 is having a profound impact on the nation. Inflation reached a 40 year high in October 2022 (ONS, 2022a) and the fiscal year 2022-23 saw the biggest one-year fall in living standards...

Work fatigue during COVID-19 lockdown teleworking: the role of psychosocial, environmental, and social working conditions

During national lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, previously office-based workers who transitioned to home-based teleworking faced additional demands (e.g., childcare, inadequate homeworking spaces) likely resulting in poor work privacy fit. Previous office research suggests poor work privacy...

Learnings From The Covid-19 Pandemic: Approaches To Support Employee Health And Wellbeing (PDF, 769 Kb)

This research was conducted by Affinity Health at Work, co-sponsored by IOSH via its Research Consortium, to explore the impact the COVID-19 pandemic on employee's health and wellbeing and what can be learned from it.
Researchers conducted interviews and held focus groups with employees, managers and...

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