Our consultancy

Our consultancy solutions draw on our award-winning research. Organised around four activities – Discover, Deliver, Embed and Sustain - we provide a complete and comprehensive approach for improving health and wellbeing at work.


Discovery activities can be a starting point or a diagnostic to inform a strategy refresh, assess compliance with legal requirements or map organisational activities against recognised frameworks. We work with organisations to identify their strengths and development areas and develop recommendations to improve health and wellbeing at work.


We develop tailored solutions that inspire action and lead to change. Drawing on evidence, we design and deliver interventions that prevent ill-health and maintain wellbeing, develop employees who are at risk with skills and strategies to cope and support employees who are struggling.


We work with clients to embed health and wellbeing practices. These activities include monitoring and reviewing activities; supporting and developing internal staff such as champions, committee members and practitioners; and offering ongoing coaching and advisory support delivered by one of our team of expert practitioners.


It can be hard to keep up with the latest evidence and practice. Through our Research Consortium, Evidence Hub and Wellbeing Practitioner Community we curate forums to share the latest evidence and bring together policy makers and professionals working across wellbeing, occupational health, human resources and allied disciplines to discuss emerging priorities and share insights.