Supporting private practice healthcare professionals to thrive at work

Supporting private practice healthcare professionals to thrive at work

Funded by the Medical Protection Society Foundation

About this Project

Healthcare professionals working in private practice are at high risk of work-related stress, burnout and mental health problems. Their wellbeing and the quality of patient care they provide are strongly influenced by their working environment .

Research in the healthcare sector is often focused on public sector and community staff. This research does not capture the nuances of working in the private sector (e.g. running a profitable business, different governance structures and different patient demands when delivering a paid-for service); or around identifying and managing risks for specific groups such as trainee doctors.

This project aims to identify aspects of the work environment (i.e. psychosocial factors) that are considered most stressful in order to target interventions and develop resources to help workers understand their personal work-related risks and work-life balance, and in turn to help take action to prevent risk, to develop skills to manage risk and to support their mental health.

How to get involved

We will be looking to connect with healthcare professionals working across medicine and dentistry to learn about the experience of working in private practice.

If you would like to contribute to our interviews, surveys or keep up to date with our progress please register your interest here.

For any further questions please contact us through


Principle team: Dr Jo Yarker, Professor Gail Kidman, Dr Kevin Teoh, Dr Nikki Cordell, Marleen Reinke

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