Managing duty of care for wellbeing within a hybrid workforce

Managing duty of care for wellbeing within a hybrid workforce

Posted: Sat, 10 Dec 2022 09:22

Managing duty of care for wellbeing within a hybrid workforce

International SOS and Affinity Health at Work collaborated on a global research project to understand the factors that support or hinder the wellbeing of hybrid workers in different global regions and in different working patterns.

Remote working has become increasingly common in the modern workforce, hugely accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that support for wellbeing in organisations has had to adapt to a new context. The aim of this research, carried out by Affinity Health at Work on behalf of the International SOS Foundation, was to understand the expectations and support requirements of employees by location, context and working pattern and to provide organisations with evidence from which to tailor their offering more effectively to employees, whatever their working pattern and location.

The results from our global survey, completed by 1,000 participants across different sectors, highlight the continuing prevalence of wellbeing issues, provide insight into the different effects of different working patterns and the most important factors impacting wellbeing. The differences in perceptions of duty of care globally can also help inform organisations who support employees internationally, as well as the feedback on which wellbeing interventions are most valued by people in different global regions and working patterns.

Our report explores the emotional, family, social and work-life, psychosocial/psychosomatic and job-related outcomes of wellbeing, as well as capturing employees' perceptions on different wellbeing interventions.

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