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Work fatigue during COVID-19 lockdown teleworking: the role of psychosocial, environmental, and social working conditions

During national lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, previously office-based workers who transitioned to home-based teleworking faced additional demands (e.g., childcare, inadequate homeworking spaces) likely resulting in poor work privacy fit. Previous office research suggests poor work privacy...

Introduction to the Working Well Maturity Framework (PDF, 1.1 Mb)

The rapid increase in the number of wellbeing frameworks available has given rise to a bewildering choice for organisations. The Working Well Maturity Framework was developed in response to calls from Affinity's Research Consortium, to develop a clear picture on how frameworks differ and to develop a...

Evaluation Of A Natural Workspace Intervention With Active Design Features On Movement, Interaction And Health (PNG, 347 Kb, 794x1123)

There is increasing focus on designing workspaces that promote less sitting, more movement and interaction to improve physical and mental health. This study evaluates a natural intervention of a new workplace with active design features and its relocation to a greener and open space.
An ecological model...

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