Research consortium

We are a network of researchers, policy makers and employers

The Affinity Health at Work Research Consortium is a network of researchers, policy makers and employers who come together to improve the health and wellbeing of employees; and support organisations in their efforts to do so.

Established in 2005, the Research Consortium is chaired by Dr Rachel Lewis and Dr Jo Yarker, Managing Partners of Affinity Health at Work, and provides a forum for creating new knowledge, sharing insights and learning.

Research focus for 2024: Addressing the 'elephant in the room' of psychosocial hazards; Identifying how to address potentially deleterious work demands and workload

Each year our members vote to decide on the research focus for coming year. This year, our members will work together to develop an understanding of psychosocial hazards; identifying how to address potentially deleterious work demands and workloads within their organisation.

Join us and take part in research to understand how psychosocial hazards may be affecting your workforce, identify how to address potential hazards and share learnings. To find our more contact us at

Together we are strengthening the evidence base in work, health and wellbeing

  • Developing new knowledge by conducting research in collaboration with our consortium members
  • Sharing evidence, knowledge and best practice
  • Bring together multi-disciplinary perspectives to prevent ill-health and promote and support health and wellbeing at work.

Research Consortium members set the research agenda for the coming year, ensuring that research addresses the priority concerns facing businesses and policy makers.

We are making a difference to the world of work

Through the Research Consortium, Affinity Health at Work have conducted ground-breaking and multi-award-winning research relating to workplace health, wellbeing and engagement.

Benefits for members include:

  • Quarterly masterclasses that provide both academic and practitioner speakers - three people from your organisation can attend each masterclass
  • Opportunity to network and share leading practice with likeminded professionals and key decision makers
  • Potential to participate in and partner on priority research in work, health and wellbeing and co-brand reports and materials
  • Early and immediate access to new research and evidence, including resource packs that collate the latest policy, evidence and guidance from across the field
  • Opportunity to tailor research and guidance for your organisation

If you would like to join the Research Consortium or learn more about what we do, we would love to hear from you!

Contact us at