Risk assessment

A risk assessment enables organisations to create a baseline statistics for mental health, to understand the groups most at risk, explore the linkages between job characteristics and wellbeing and identify those factors at work that have the most impact on wellbeing. Sometimes call psychosocial or wellbeing risk assessments. A risk to the health and wellbeing of employees could be, for instance, high job demands/working hours, challenging relationships within the organisation, or levels of employee autonomy.

The assessments are developed following a process of familiarisation and are fully tailored to the organisation. This may include interviews, focus groups and/or surveys. Our surveys include demographics, questions about how the employee experiences work and the factors impacting upon mental health, and the outcomes of wellbeing.

Recommendations in the final report can be followed by action planning workshops with senior management, stakeholders and teams to ensure that commitment to action and championing of issues. Evaluation through regular monthly check-ins and an administration of a second survey will embed change.