Training And Developing Senior Leaders And Managers

Managers are key to enabling the health and wellbeing of employees. In addition to building an understanding of how to spot signs and signals and have confident conversations, we draw on the manager behaviours known to reduce stress and promote health and wellbeing and develop managers to identify and manage the sources of stress at work, thereby creating tangible change to the way their team experience their work.

Our manager programmes are adapted to meet the client needs and can include face to face, online and e-learning delivery accompanied by 180 degree feedback process and coaching.

Training And Developing Employees

We design and deliver employee mental health awareness and stress management training programmes specifically for each client to match both need and organisational context.

Delivered face to face, online or through an e-learning resource, our programmes combine accessible, evidence informed content shared by experienced qualified practitioners. Sessions vary from 30-minute all staff sessions to facilitated 90 minute workshops to advanced skills-based training delivered over a series of sessions. Every session is accompanied by a tailored resource pack to provide delegates with an opportunity to continue learning.